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We are a portable welding service providing onsite or offsite work at our welding shop. J.M. welding offer you the most convenience welding services by supporting your needs. We will repair and service your equipment wherever it may be. If you can't come to us, we will come to you anywhere in New England and beyond.

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590 Hudson Road
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"The Bear"


The Bear Facts on our 9" diameter
Air Lift Plow Cylinder:

The cut away view shows off all the serious modifications incorporated in our cylinders. We invented the special stainless lining process that only we utilize. All componants are of high quality and designed to last. We made a "hit list" of all the problems that plagued all the other lift cylinders:
  1. Rust on the inside of the cylinder and rust on the ram, is the most serious problem due to the fact that this causes premature seal failure.
  2. Other cylinders allow water to enter the internal part of the cylinder through weak ram sealing techniques, and a poor design vent system in which water inside the cylinder freezes.
  3. Rolling of the piston seal due to inferior quality materials also freezes the internal piston.

These are just a few of the problems that have plauged the cylinders over the years. No one has ever even tried to make these cylinders more reliable, that is UNTIL NOW!   These problems will stop the clock on snow plowing! We went down the list and came up with the needed modifications. We strongly believe that you can't find a more reliable, better built plow air lift cylinder in production. Quanity discounts are available. It comes with a one year guarantee and it can be shipped by UPS.

NOBODY beats our quality and reliability!

Our customers include the City of Boston, Natick, Framingham, Weston, Hudson and Lowell to name a few.
The AIR CONTROL VALVE is also available. It is made out of Aluminum and works very easily.

Other Services: Portable Line Boring Service 2" - 24" Capacity - Heavy Equipment Welding

For more information on the "Bear" or our other services call us at: (978) 423-1734

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